Welcome to Shabbat Across Cornell!

Whether you want to host a Shabbat Dinner, Shabbat Lunch, or even a Havdallah Oneg, the Shabbat Across Cornell team would love to help!

We are excited that you want to host an event! Below are all the details about how the process works!


Shabbat Across Cornell offers $5 for each guest who registers on the website only. You can register for events here. PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR SAC REQUEST FORM NO LATER THAN 9PM ON THE TUESDAY BEFORE YOUR EVENT.

In order to receive funding for your guests, they must be registered by the Wednesday before your event at 9pm. This money can be used to purchase any necessary groceries or supplies you will need.  However, please know this money cannot be used to purchase any wine or alcohol for the event. 

One of our goals is to foster a cohesive Jewish community, so please note that we will not be able to fund dinners that conflict with certain Hillel events.

Food Options

You and your guests can either prepare food yourselves or cater the event.  Here are the two options for Shabbat Across Cornell hosts:

  1. You can use Hillel's Wegmans card to purchase groceries. To do this pick up a Wegmans card at Hillel between 8am and 4pm on the Thursday or between 8am and 3pm on the Friday before your event.  The card needs to be returned to the office within one business day.  If you do not return the card within one business day, you being declined funding in the future. Please note that Wegmans catering is not overseen by a mashgiach (a kosher food supervisor), and therefore it is not recognized as kosher by the Orthodox community.
  2. You can order a catered Kosher meal from 104West!.  If you would like to do this, our staff will help you place your order.  Our chef needs time to prepare, so this option is only available to those who register at least two weeks in advance of their event.


Registered Guests

Once your initial registration form has been approved (available under the "Host An Event" tab at the top), you will be notified.  You and your guests can then sign up at ShabbatAcrossCornell.com by clicking the "Attend an Event" tab.  All of your guests and you must register for the event (don't forget to register yourself!).  This is important because we determine your funding based on the number of people registered for your event.  The deadline for registration is the Wednesday before your event at 9pm.  *Please note you will not be approved for funding until after the deadline.

Contract, Gift Bag, and Challah

As a host, you will need to sign a contract when you pick up the Wegmans card or receive your funding.  You will also receive a goodie bag containing some things that will help you with your celebration including a prayer sheet, shabbat candles, grape juice, and a challah baked by the Challah For Hunger initiative.  Your bag and challah will be available in the Hillel office on Friday.


Shabbat Miyuhad

Some Shabbats during the year fall around other holidays and cause the normal schedule of things to get shifted.  We are calling this kind of Shabbat a Shabbat Miyuhad ("miyuhad" is the Hebrew word for "special" or "unique").  On these days:

Registration closes on the Tuesday before your event at 11pm
You will pick up your Wegman's card at Hillel between 8am and 12pm on the Wednesday before your event, or earlier by appointment
And you are obligated to return the Wegman's card to Hillel by the Monday following your event, and before 4pm

The following dates are considered Shabbat Miyuhad:
9/26-9/27 (Rosh Hashannah)
10/10-10/11 (Sukkot)
3/6-3/7 (Purim)

No Shabbat Across Cornell

There are also a some Shabbats during the year when we will not be offering Shabbat Across Cornell.  They are:
10/3-10/4 Yom Kippur
10/17-10/18 Simchat Torah
11/28-11/29 Thanksgiving
12/26-12/27 Semester Break
1/2-1/3 Semester Break
1/9-1/10 Semester Break
1/16-1/17 Semester Break
4/3-4/4 Passover
4/10-4/11 Passover


We are very excited to help you host a celebration!  Please don't hesitate to email our intern Amy Frieder at abf72@cornell.edu if you have any questions.  We're here to help!


We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to hear about your Shabbat!